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The Mother

I am from Singapore and a mother of my 2 handsome heroes. My first hero was born in 2015, also known famously as an SG50 baby because it was Singapore’s 50th year of independence which was quite a huge deal back in 2015. My second hero was born recently in July 2017.

My Story

The Difference Between Breastfeeding Baby #1 & Baby #2

I have fully breastfed my first child for 14 months while working full time.

I had to stop almost cold turkey when my first turned 14 months for a few reasons.

First, I was pregnant with my second-born. Second, prior to my second pregnancy, I was already facing a lower supply issue which got lower when I first got pregnant the second time. Third, due to my lower supply issue, my first-born could not get enough of my expressed breast milk during his time in Infant Care as I am working full time and I was not able to express more milk back then, and resulting with him being in the 3rd lower percentile of babies his age/weight/height.

It was pretty emotional for me (and for my first-born, of course) to decide to stop breastfeeding almost cold turkey as I was aiming for a journey of 2 years.

Now I am fully breastfeeding my second boy who is 3 months old currently, and I have just returned back to work recently. Indeed, this time the hurdles are a little different and I must agree, it is actually a little bit more tougher as I also have to deal with my, erm, Terrible Two Year Old Toddler.

Nevertheless, I have my eyes and mind set on a goal.

My Breastfeeding Goal: 14 months this time, equal and fair for both sons.

Breastfeeding; like ABC?

It has not been an easy journey the first round, and it is going to be another challenge as well this second time.

Many people think breastfeeding is as easy as ABC. It’s nature, after all. It should be simple, right? Right?

Unfortunately, breastfeeding by itself is already a tough journey. Add on society, add on work. These makes the journey even tougher.

Breastfeed On, Mothers!

Thus, I am spurred on by my own harrowing journey of breastfeeding back in 2015 and therefore inspired to help others to overcome theirs. I will also be sharing my 2nd breastfeeding journey. We never know who may need some inspiration, help, or motivation. It could be mothers with their own xth-time breastfeeding journey, or help mothers-to-be with insights that will guide them in the tough days to come, as well as anyone who may  be curious about what breastfeeding is.

That said,

Onwards to an abundance of milk!

Founder of TheAurumFlow.Com

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  1. Great concept. I hope you continue to build and promote this site.
    I find breast feeding to be not only one of the most natural things in life, but beautiful as well. I don’t understand the negative stigma it gets in some cultures and places. Please enlighten those “educated idiots.”

    1. Thank you, Ken. Appreciate your comment. Yes, indeed and definitely. This stigma is real, especially in first world countries, and that is super weird because the third world countries are taking breastfeeding beautifully.

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