Journal 1 – Part 1: First Pregnancy, 2015

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The first is always the most memorable. So is my first pregnancy. Being new to everything is definitely a challenge. It was both exciting and nervous. It’s the beginning of beautiful new chapters.

Waiting for You..

I got married to the man of my choice in March 2014. As with most normal newly married couple, we were hoping for a child. Our prayers was answered in February 2015.

My periods have always been consistent and on time, and in late January 2015, my period was pretty late. I could only suspect that I was pregnant, as I was also hungry very often and eating twice more then usual.

By early February, I became quite anxious and bought pregnancy test kits. I bought two sets, just in case.

My First Pregnancy Test Kit
My First Pregnancy Test Kit

Restless, I proceed to use the kit. I made the mistake of doing the test very late into the night. The second line that is supposed to indicate if I am pregnant or not, was very faded. I felt very dissatisfied with the results and Googled. I was supposed to do the test in early the morning when the Human Chorionic Gonadotropin (hCG) level was supposed to be higher.

So I did it again the next morning. However, the results was unclear because the second line was very faded, just like the first test. I couldn’t do much. I choose to wait till it was my husband’s off day from work so that we could go and check it out together.

Our First Pregnancy Journey Begins

Pregnant At 5 Weeks
Pregnant At 5 Weeks

My husband and I went to the polyclinic a few days later to check. I did the urine test, and we waited. As usual, the queue was long at the polyclinic. After some time, we were called in to see the doctor. She showed us the results and congratulated us. It was positive. I was 5 weeks. We were ecstatic.

An appointment was made by the polyclinic and we went for our first hospital check up the very next day at our chosen government hospital together with the referral from the polyclinic.

I did the urine test, and waited for the doctor. The check up was uneventful, and went smoothly.

Days after that, I started to feel the typical sickly feeling of the first trimester in the 6th week. I felt very tired and had to have Milo to feel better early in the morning. I began to start having morning sickness as well.

Early March, on the 8th week, we were scheduled for our first ultrasonic baby scan! We couldn’t wait. We saw our cutie little pie in the very first scan. I cannot even begin to describe my feelings when we first saw him. It was just magical and unbelievable. Miraculous, in fact.

First Ultrasound Scan
First Ultrasound Scan

It was the 10th week when I started to have cravings. It was not easy finding places to get what I was craving for. I was lucky that I could wait and be patient for whatever I was craving for, unlike the cravings of some other pregnant mothers.

On the 12th week, it was our first wedding anniversary. We went for a short trip overseas with husband’s good friends. We all superb and awesome good, cheap food there. We were literally eating a meal every few hours, just because I was hungry. Thank god I was with people who really could eat.

On the 15th week in April, my sister, who was pregnant 5 months before me, gave birth to her second. Oh, we were so delighted to have him.

Early May, on the 17th week, I had a small company event, a family day, of which I was the event organizer as well as the emcee. Unfortunately, I had to do many things alone, but with some help here and there from others. Even though it was tiring that I had to walk all over the venue to put clues for one of the games on the day of the event itself, it was satisfying. I simply LOVE organizing such events.

On the 21st week, we had our second baby ultrasound scan! Baby was looking well.

I was still having morning sickness every single day, and I was gaining significant weight. By then, my tummy was already showing. However, most of my friends still do not know about the pregnancy because we kept hush about it. Only our close friends, relatives and colleagues knew about it.

The rest of the pregnancy went smoothly. As usual, there was the usual check ups at the hospital. Some ultrasound scans, which both of us always looks forward to.

Plans, Plans & More Plans

There was much to plan during the pregnancy. For baby itself, for work, for the leaves.

I have even prepared an excel worksheet to calculate the expenses, the savings and etc. I also made a list of items to buy, after doing lots and lots of research online. There were items for baby, myself as mother, and items for both baby and mother. Together with details of where and when to buy them, how much they cost and even back up items should the item not be available when we wanted to buy them.

We were also in the process of getting our own house, so we were staying at my parents’ house while waiting.

Some when during my pregnancy, I had a family conflict, which resulted to us shifting over at my in laws house only once baby is born.

Decisions, Decisions

Part of the planning was also about deciding how I will be feeding baby.

Before my first pregnancy, I was already exposed to breastfeeding. My sister had breastfed her first child, who is 3 years older than my first-born, for quite a period of time. One of my good friends since our secondary school days (since we were 13 years old), had also breastfed her firstborn, who is 2 years older than my first-born, for quite a period of time.

With the exposure that I had, with women I am close with in my life who are breastfeeding, it feels natural to me when I decided that I wanted to breastfeed my child.

My Breastfeeding Learning Journey Begins

During this pregnancy, I chanced upon a local Facebook breastfeeding group. This group’s unique methodology of arranging different topics with regards to having a breastfeeding help section simply using photo albums (since Facebook have limited topic sorting options unlike forums), influenced me that there are more knowledge out there for me to digest and understand about breastfeeding.

Thus, I read up as much information and knowledge as I could from all the posts and comments in the group. As I gain further insights about breastfeeding, I aimed to breastfeed my first-born for 2 years, as per the recommended period of breastfeeding. Reading the comments and posts also made me realized I needed to pump at work in order for me to continue giving my baby breastmilk even when I am not around with him.

Thus, I began my research on pumping, and found my perfect breast pump as per my review here, and other pump parts as well.

The Time Has Come

September was ending, and I was due in early October. I choose to start taking my maternity leave on the 38th week, 2 weeks prior to my due date. Some of the baby items were already ready over at my in law’s place.

We were ready.

Or were we?

Stay tuned for Part 2.

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